Health & Energy Through Active Living Every Day

Thank you to the HEALED Movement Leadership Partners

Leadership Partners of the HEALED Community Movement will join Pat Croce in building a legacy that will improve our knowledge of nearly every aspect of cancer, from what causes it to how we can end it. Leadership Partners are instrumental in launching the HEALED Community Movement.  The results of HEALED research will advance our understanding of methods for improving cancer survival and survivorship and inform cancer prevention, advocacy efforts, and control programs and guidelines.

Pat and Diane Croce


“I am coming off of a self-imposed 5-year sabbatical and re-entering the public eye to help expand and market a life-changing ‘movement’ of the American Cancer Society. The program is called HEALED – Health & Energy through Active Living Every Day and its initial research conducted two years ago with cancer patients was astounding. Unfortunately, this crucial program, designed specifically for enhancing the quality of life for everyone experiencing the sinister reach of cancer, was shelved due to lack of funds necessary for continued research, programming, marketing, and engagement.

I have not felt this sense of calling since 1996 when I was fortunate to publicly share a mission of winning the NBA World Championship for the City of Philadelphia. Today, I am blessed in a different way with an even greater mission and a much larger audience. I deeply realize that my body (not me) being diagnosed with cancer (TCell Lymphoma) was a gift of Grace, not a curse; so my intention is to flow with this Divine Adventure and help to lessen the suffering of all who come within my reach.”

Michael and Kathy Azeez*

“Kathy is a cancer survivor and we are supportive of efforts to educate and assist people dealing with cancer to lead to better outcomes for the patients and their families. The HEALED movement is a big step in that direction to take it beyond the medicines and develop a holistic approach to dealing with the myriad of issues for cancer patients and their families.” 

Mark Benevento & Andrea Winarick

“We are very blessed, and it is with great love that we support our dear friends, Pat and Diane and their wonderful HEALED mission. We truly believe in HEALED and understand the emotional toll that a cancer diagnosis takes on the individual, as well as, their family and friends. We have witnessed firsthand, Pat and his ability to help transform mind, body and spirit and are honored to support this program and its’ mission of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Pat and Diane’s positive thought process and intrinsic empathy towards others, live daily, what this mission is all about. Bless you all affected by this disease and bless you Pat and Diane.”

David and Maira Garfinkle

“When Pat called me to get involved in HEALED I of course said yes right away. Pat is a force of nature, and any good cause that he gets behind is something that I want to support. He is truly one of the most unique and inspirational people I’ve ever met, and when Pat is all in on something, watch out!!!!” me within my reach.”

Jeffrey and Nicole Goldberg

“Pat Croce inspires us in everything he is involved in and HEALED is no different.  We are honored to support Pat and know that with his energy, insight, inspiration and personal path of recovery, he has a lot to say and teach us all! “

Gary and Patty Holloway*

“Patty and I have known Pat for over 35 years.  One of his most admired qualities is that Pat never gives up and he is one of the most positive people we know.  He lives his life full of passion, determination, and the soulful desire to help others.  Although he carries with him many titles over his lifetime…entrepreneur, leader, motivator, husband, dad, and friend, he now has added cancer survivor.  When Pat was first diagnosed with cancer, one of the ways he fought back was to work with the American Cancer Society and look for ways to not only help himself but others as well.  He developed the HEALED Movement together with the American Cancer Society to give hope and inspiration to those with cancer. 

We are deeply proud to be able to support Pat and Diane and the American Cancer Society’s HEALED Movement.  The HEALED Movement provides cancer patients with the inspiration, support sessions, physical activity models, education and valuable tools to learn how to live a healthy life with cancer.   These tools and lifestyle have helped Pat battle his cancer and it is his hope that they can help others.  We are honored to call him our friend and to be able to be a part of Pat’s initiative.” 

Lynny Isdaner

“I have known Pat Croce for 40 years. To know him is to love, respect and admire him. It is my honor, privilege and pleasure to share in his vision and passion to improve the overall health and wellness of cancer survivors.” 

Stephen Kindler Jr.

“It is a great honor to join Pat and his fight to drive and fund research. Unfortunately, cancer impacts far too many of our loved ones and the mission of HEALED to focus on the mind, body, and spirit resonates with me. Transforming lives, one person at a time.”

Steve and Lisa Mackell

“We are thrilled and honored to support HEALED and join our longtime friends, Pat and Diane Croce, in this endeavor.  We have both lost a parent to cancer, as well as have many family and friends deal with the diagnosis of cancer.  We have been personal witnesses to the devastation the diagnosis of cancer can cause in someone’s life.  We strongly believe in the mission of HEALED to help people and their families living with this diagnosis, yes LIVING, and helping them with information, resources, advocacy and programs.  The diagnosis of cancer is all consuming, but through the efforts of HEALED, people can be positive, healthy and energized.  We look forward to ensuring this program’s success.” 

Dave Magrogan

“I have known Pat for over 20 years, I love his passion and enthusiasm to focus intensely on important projects. I am honored to be invited by Pat and to be included with such a wonderful group of people supporting the American Cancer Society’s HEALED Community.  I look forward to supporting this important initiative and helping others on this mission to help people live a healthy and active life.” 

Edward Miersch

“I have been touched directly by cancer.  We all have been touched directly or indirectly by cancer.  I’m thrilled to be supporting Pat Croce and the mission of ACS HEALED because if we FOCUS on our health – we keep moving on that Path – additional paths will unfold right in front of us.  Congratulations!!!” 

Eustace Mita*

“I am honored to be part of American Cancer Society’s HEALED and I am looking forward to the prospect and opportunity of partnering with my longtime friend and brother, Pat Croce!  
My mother was a double mastectomy survivor, two out of our five children are cancer survivors, one with brain cancer and one with thyroid cancer! Cancer touches everyone’s family, some closer to home than others, but it touches us all. I am excited about HEALED because it’s an opportunity for cancer survivors to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle if somebody would just give them the blueprint to do so! That’s where my great friend Pat Croce comes in. In the nearly 40 years Pat and I have been friends, I have watched him heal people through his great study of Physical Therapy, his great study of Emotional Therapy and finally his great study of Spiritual Awareness which is therapeutic!”

Steve and Cindy Mountain

“To Cindy and I, Diane and Pat are family.  As family, we share our many common bonds, and always find proactive ways to support each other. It is our honor and pleasure to join with Diane and Pat and their many friends in support of HEALED. 

We have all encountered the physical and emotional distress cancer places on patients and their families.  All of us who have been affected by the disease become part of a special community, and it’s our duty to care for and support each other.  The advent of HEALED now provides a proactive and manageable program that provides patients and their families with tools, and a mindset, that creates positive results.  

We look forward to helping in Diane and Pat’s passion, and will continue to find ways to champion the HEALED initiative.” 

Billy Olson

“Whatever you believe or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” 

Michael Rubin

“Pat and I began our friendship many years ago through our shared passion for sports and business. I know firsthand the pain and suffering that comes from losing a loved one to cancer, and I’m proud to support the American Cancer Society and the HEALED movement as they explore innovative new ways to help patients and their families battle and overcome this this terrible disease.”

John and Jana Scarpa

“Pat and Diane Croce are among the most loved people who inspire everyone who crosses their path and (they have a long path). It’s sad that Pat developed TCell Lymphoma but not only will he outthink it but he’ll challenge all that is required to become cancer free. While this disease has been around since man it is mandated that we all support the HEALED Movement and make beating cancer a mandate for each of us. It’s the Pat Croce’s in our lives that lead and remind us of helping others while we can. God Bless.” 

Matt Shafer







Michael and Lavinia Smerconish

“We are supporting the cause because we love Pat Croce and share his desire to eradicate cancer.” 

Jay Snider

“I am extremely honored to join my friend, Pat Croce, in supporting The American Cancer Society’s HEALED initiative.  Like many, I have witnessed the devastation of a loved one diagnosed with cancer and recognize the importance of programs, such as this, designed to enhance and uplift their quality of life.  Pat and I have lived through many joys and challenges over many years; we celebrated each other’s victories and offered support when one of us was at our lowest. Even today, no matter where our lives have taken us, our bond remains strong. Pat’s vision offers cancer survivors an opportunity to create a healthy active lifestyle and I am happy to stand “

Andy and Gwen Stern

“When our dear friend, Pat Croce, was diagnosed with cancer, he courageously embarked on his “new adventure“ living life as he always did before—aware, in the present moment and never looking back. This innovative Movement, Health and Energy through Active Living Every Day, personifies Pat in every respect and inspired us to support this extraordinary and creative endeavor.  

Pat will use his gifted talents in sports medicine and motivational speaking, as well as his unique journey to enlightenment, to help others find their spiritual, physical and emotional Path through weekly Sangha HEALED community gatherings. Pat’s direct and down to earth approach, and his insightful and supportive group communication skills, will help cancer survivors reduce their suffering and improve their overall health, well-being and happiness in life.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be part of this adventure with Pat, Diane and the American Cancer Society!” 

Mike Tollin

“I’m delighted to be a part of this important initiative. First of all, it’s very hard to say no to Pat & Diane, so they pretty much had me before they asked. I have lost a family member through cancer, and I have been close to many cancer survivors. I know Pat’s commitment comes from the heart, and I know his approach will be an all-in, full-frontal assault on this deadly disease. I truly feel privileged to be part of this journey.” 

Terry Williams

“I am honored and humbled to be included in the HEALED Community Movement and afforded the opportunity to support Pat Croce and team in such a wonderful initiative.”


*Names with an asterisk indicate that the Leadership Partner(s) donated above and beyond the asked amount.